About Ghana Chamber of Telecomunications

Our Mission | Values | Objectives

Our Mission

Our Mission

To be the platform that delivers and sustains productive relations between members and their stakeholders, while maintaining fair and strong competition that yields world class services

Our Values

Our Values

  • Ethical Corporate Citizenship
  • Good Governance
  • Fair Competition
  • Transparency

Our Objectives

Our Objectives

  • To guide and influence policy formulation in the telecoms industry
  • To provide a collective interface between mobile operators and key stakeholders
  • To promote and protect the common interests of members of the Chamber
  • To support research and development in telecommunications and technology in Ghana

Governing Council

About Governing Council

The Governing Council (G.C.) is the main decision-making body of the Telecoms Chamber. It compromises the Heads of all the mobile operators and their alternates together with the Chamber CEO.

The G.C., currently chaired by the CEO of MTN (Mr Selorm Adadevoh) sits bi-monthly. To the right is the set of members that represent the Governing Council Board.

Governing Council Members

Mitwa Kaemba Ng’ambi
Selorm Adadevoh
Roshi Motman
Yolanda Cuba - Chairperson - Vodafone
Kenneth E. Ashigbey.
Francois Van Zyl.
Gareth Townley.
Michael Schumacher.

First Governing Council Members

Mr. David Venn, - Vodafone
Mr. Christopher Soulet - TIGO
Mr. Brett Goschen - MTN
Mr. Robert N. Palitz - Kasapa
Mr. Philip Sowah -  Zain

Meet Our CEO

Ing. Kenneth Ashigbey

Ing. Kenneth Ashigbey

Ing. Kenneth Ashigbey FGIM, PMP, Cert IoD, MIoD, is the Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications, a role he assumed on the 1st of November 2017. Prior to his appointment, he was Managing Director of Graphic Communications Group Ltd, Chief Operating Officer at MultiMedia Group Ltd and General Manager of JoyFm at different times.

Organisational Structure

1. Advocacy & Research

The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunication is an industry association and a private initiative by the mobile network operators in Ghana.

We are an advocacy institution established to help direct telecommunications policy, legislation and regulation, and pursue research towards the development of telecommunications.

2. Guide Policy

The Chamber of Telecommunications was registered in 2010 and inaugurated in 2011. Our industry has created over 1.6 million jobs, and 10% of all government revenues come from our business. 

The Chamber comprises of a secretariat and Governing Council. The Secretariat is the administrative nerve centre of the Governing Council.

3. Promote Co-operation

The Chamber pursues co-opetition –  ie. co-operation among members on matters of common interest, without sacrificing competition.

There are 4 working groups that provide professional and technical capacity to support the Chamber; namely: Technical, Finance, Communications and Legal & Regulatory.